Our Products

Our mission is to serve patients.
We dedicate our days to turning the tide on serious,
life-interrupting illnesses &
pushing the boundaries of science to transform medicine.


We provide a stimulating and challenging work environment for our employees,who get the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technologies and deliver affordable and life saving drugs globally.

Human Resources

Our main strength which is the QUALITY of our products is due to the expert employees working for the betterment of the world. Our dedicated people, qualified teams, and Our workers are highly trained and experts in their respective fields

our services

Our goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices to all sections of society.

  • Our Vision

    To emerge as a leading player in manufacturing of APIs in the expectorant therapeutic category and achieve optimum growth in all areas of the organization by following transparency in operations at all levels of management and compliance with all the laws of the land, thereby creating optimum wealth to the investment of shareholders, government and all stakeholders who are contributing to the well being of the company.

  • Our Mission

    Deliver value-added scientific services with Speed and Quality.

    Customer Focus – Change ‘expected’ to ‘exceptional’ Once a customer, forever a client – we strive towards this, by exceeding exceptions through innovative solutions.
    Integrity – Integrity is integral:
    We are committed to business and scientific integrity.  We are an open, fair, honest and transparent company and ensure client confidentiality, always.
    Respect – Give to get:
    Give respect before you expect it.  We have immense respect for individuals, property and timelines. Commit to Excel – In every act and deed: We are committed to deliver only the best, always.  Relentlessly and continuously, we strive to improve our solutions and ourselves.
    Teamwork and Leadership – Team first

    We work together and win together.  We have chosen the path of collective effort to be the leader in our chosen field.